Another Day, Another Religion

by New Pokerface

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released July 4, 2008



all rights reserved


New Pokerface Breda, Netherlands

We used to be a punkrock band.

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Track Name: Polarities
standing on each side, staring eye to eye. leaving back to back, to where the abyss leads them on the way. we are filled with the fire and the water. both sides they all relate to one another. you choose what dominates, but don’t fall down. all we need is a way to find the right proportions. we say think about the other side. perspectives, look another way. rivals in the ring, between virtue and sin. lack of self defence, the games of life we play.
Track Name: Not Ready
every day I feel awake and I'm not ready to die. I won't say farewell to you. I'm staying here, nothing is going to break my life. I’ve had enough of my misery. I have been through pain and I’m stronger. luck is a choice, something to grab. it belongs to us all. make the pain go away. we die but not today, not revolutionary. every second that I breathe, a given chance to me. we can be all that we want to be and I’m not here to tell you what you want to be, want to see. this life is all you’ve got. cut these strings attached to you, you're not a puppet on a stage. life won't wait, think different straight. prove yourself and make a move.
Track Name: There's No Them
today I took the fall. I threw away all that was granted. I realized some things weren’t meant to be. too late, is it really too late to take the action that’s brought to me. take this up front. we’ll move on. this baseball bat reminds me of all the bad things that I’ve forgotten. and now I’m standing here all alone. is it always wrong to fall. I can’t rely on certainties. is it wrong to fall. we think that some people will ignore your view on reality. for now the world won’t act, keep a there's no them mentality. searching for something more. now you’re here at the point of zero, starting all over again. too late, is it really too late to take the action brought to me. take this up front. we’ll move on. reaching for something more, chains will not change the course. I’m reaching for more than this. heading out to what is unsure.
Track Name: A Song Of Loss
life is passing me by and you are gone. you will not save me from myself. I need you here with me and myself. I am off to find something more in life, a voice to carry on. no, why did you go so far away. and it hurts to know that it’s been a while since we talked for hours without pain. it still hurts. so far away. no why did you go. the days you were alive, I miss those times when you held my hand. I felt so safe. come near to me. the things I haven’t said to you. I’m tormented by the songs I couldn’t sing for you. so beautiful. so wonderful. time will heal the wounds, as days go by, but I’ll always keep missing you. time will heal the wounds, as years go by, but I’ll always keep missing you.